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  • This program has a background image and two sprites or characters that move.
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stage.set_background("schoolentrance") stage.wait(3) stage.set_background("schoolhallway") stage.wait(2) stage.create_grid_overlay(50, "grey") stage.set_background_color("azure") michael = codesters.Sprite("person1") emma = codesters.Sprite("person2") michael.set_size(.5) emma.set_size(.5) michael_x = random.randint(-230,230) michael_y = random.randint(-230,230) michael.go_to(michael_x, michael_y) emma_x = random.randint(-230,230) emma_y = random.randint(-230,230) emma.go_to(emma_x, emma_y) delta_x = michael_x-emma_x delta_y = michael_y-michael_y distance = math.sqrt((delta_x**2)+(delta_y**2)) end_text = codesters.Text(" ", 0, 100) if distance <= 200: end_text.set_text("We need some masks, STAT!") stage.wait(1) emma.load_image("person1_masked") michael.load_image("person2_masked") else: end_text.set_text("Great job social distancing!") michael.say("Social distancing high five!") emma.say("Social distancing high five!")
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