PREVIEW: Here's an example of the kind of animated joke you'll be writing today!

  • Press the space bar to make the asteroid fly around!
  • Click the Sprite to see the punchline!
  • Click Submit and Next to start building your own card.

stage.set_background("moon") sprite = codesters.Sprite("astronaut1") sprite.go_to(-125, -50) #my_sprite.say("I can't wait for the holidays!") glorp = codesters.Sprite("alien1") glorp.go_to(100, -100) rock = codesters.Sprite("asteroid") rock.go_to(100, 75) sprite.say("What do planets like to read?") sprite.set_say_color("white") def click(sprite): sprite.say("Comet books!") sprite.move_up(100) sprite.turn_left(360) sprite.move_down(100) # add other actions... sprite.event_click(click) def space_bar(): rock.set_x_speed(5) rock.set_y_speed(2) stage.event_key("space", space_bar)