We don't want our blocks to fall! Let's make them stay in the air.

  • Go to and drag out Sprite Gravity Off. Drop it inside the interval event, below the rectangle.

Remember, all commands inside an event should have a green block ···· in front of them.

  • Change the name in front of .set_gravity_off() to top_block.

Now we are giving this command to the sprite named top_block.

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stage.set_background("city") sprite = codesters.Sprite("bike") sprite.set_size(0.5) sprite.go_to(-200, 0) stage.set_gravity(10) stage.disable_all_walls() def space_bar(): sprite.jump(5) # add other actions... stage.event_key("space", space_bar) def interval(): # add any other actions... top_height = random.randint(50, 300) # sprite = codesters.Rectangle(x, y, width, height, "color") top_block = codesters.Rectangle(0, 0, 100, top_height, "blue") stage.event_interval(interval, 2)
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