Activity: Preview

PREVIEW: Today, you will learn how to create a game using functional programming concepts.

  • Click Run to see an example of the project.
  • Try out the game! Use the left and right arrow keys to move and keep the ball from falling!
  • When you are done, click Submit and Next to move on.

def set_stage(): """ Sets up the stage for the game """ stage.set_background("soccerfield") stage.disable_floor() def add_player(): """ Adds a player to the stage for the user to control """ player = codesters.Sprite("player1") player.go_to(0, -155) return player def add_ball(): """ Adds a ball to the stage and sets its attributes """ ball = codesters.Sprite("soccerball") ball.set_y_speed(-8) def head_ball(sprite, hit_sprite): """ Detects collisions between the player and ball """ my_var = hit_sprite.get_y_speed() hit_sprite.set_y_speed(-my_var + 1) my_var = hit_sprite.get_x_speed() hit_sprite.set_x_speed(my_var + 1) def move_left(sprite): """ Moves the player left """ sprite.move_left(50) def move_right(sprite): """ Moves the player right """ sprite.move_right(50) def main(): """ Sets up the program and calls other functions """ set_stage() player = add_player() add_ball() player.event_collision(head_ball) player.event_key("left", move_left) player.event_key("right", move_right) main()