Activity: Preview

PREVIEW: Today, we will be using functions to create a story with different scenes.

  • Click Run to see an example of the project.
  • After you watch the entire story, click Ticket and answer the Do Now questions.
  • When you are done answering the questions, click Submit and Next to move on.

sprite = codesters.Sprite("knight1", -175, -150) sprite.set_speed(2) def park_scene(): stage.set_background("park") sprite.say("I should hurry to the castle!") sprite.move_forward(550) park_scene() def bridge_scene(): stage.set_background("drawbridge") sprite.go_to(-175, -150) sprite.say("I made it!") stage.wait(2) bridge_scene() def battle_scene(): dragon = codesters.Sprite("dragon", 150, -150) sprite.say("Oh no a dragon!") sprite.move_forward(300) dragon.turn_left(360) dragon.move_down(200) sprite.say("The path is clear!") battle_scene() def reward_scene(): stage.set_background("castle") sprite.move_left(250) sprite.say(" ") wizard = codesters.Sprite("wizard", 150, -150) wizard.say("You defeated the dragon!") stage.wait(2) wizard.say("Here is your reward!") stage.wait(2) reward = codesters.Sprite("treasurechest", 0, -100) sprite.move_up(30) sprite.move_down(30) sprite.say("Hooray!") reward_scene()