PREVIEW: This is an example of the basketball game you will make today!

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stage.set_background("halfcourt") sprite = codesters.Sprite("player4", -175, -150) net = codesters.Sprite("basketballnet", 215, 175) instructions = codesters.Text("Click on the sprite to shoot the basketball. Hit the basket to score a point!", 0, 50, "white") stage.set_gravity(10) sprite.set_gravity_off() score = 0 score_display = codesters.Display(score, -200, 150) def click(sprite): ball = codesters.Sprite("basketball", -150, -100) ball.set_x_speed(10) ball.set_y_speed(10) sprite.event_click(click) def collision(net, hit_sprite): global score my_var = hit_sprite.get_name() if my_var == "basketball": hit_sprite.hide() score += 1 score_display.update(score) net.event_collision(collision) stage.disable_right_wall()
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