• Add another for your sprite. This is a good time to move him/her off the stage if you want.
  • Use Ask to ask the user a question. Name the variable the stores the answer transition4.
  • Use Set Text to show the user's transition word input on the stage as part of your story.

stage.set_background("park") sprite = codesters.Sprite("person3") sprite.glide_to(-100, 50) # text = codesters.Text("text", x, y, "color") text = codesters.Text("I went to the park!", 0, -200, "blue") stage.wait(1) sprite.move_right(400) transition1 = sprite.ask("Choose a transition from the sequence category.") text.set_text(transition1) sprite.move_left(200) stage.set_background("underwater") text.set_text("I like turtles.") stage.wait(2) transition2 = sprite.ask("Enter another word") text.set_text(transition2) stage.set_background("jupiter") text.set_text("Then I was in space!") stage.wait(2) transition3 = sprite.ask("Enter yet another word") text.set_text(transition3) stage.set_background("city") text.set_text("Then I went to a city") stage.wait(2)