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import codesters import random from codesters.demo import Demo from codesters import Text # Set constants stage_height = float(stage.get_stage_height()) stage_width = float(stage.get_stage_width()) offstage_below = -1000 # Use as y value to create objects below the stage wait_time = 1 # Create Demo instance demo = Demo() # Set up stage stage.auto_cache_off() stage.set_background_color("black") stage.disable_floor() # Create random letters/characters to drop down the stage chars = [] for counter in range(60): x = random.randint(-550, 550) binary = codesters.Text(chr(random.randint(33, 255)), x, 300, "green") binary.set_y_speed(random.randint(-3, -1)) binary.set_physics_on() binary.set_opacity(random.random()) chars.append(binary) # Moves the characters down the stage at random speeds; # when they reach the bottom, they move to a new random x-coordinate and the top of the stage def interval(): for char in chars: if char.get_y() <= -(stage_height/2): char.go_to(random.randint(-550, 550), 310) char.set_y_speed(random.randint(-3, -1)) stage.event_interval(interval, 0.05) # Title Cards lesson_title = Text("Cybersecurity: Introduction", 0, 200, "white") lesson_title.set_text_width(800) lesson_title.set_text_size(40) activity_title = Text("What is a system?", 0, 150, "white") activity_title.set_text_width(600) activity_title.set_text_size(30) stage.wait(wait_time*1) guide = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("person20", -stage_width/2-50, -150, 1) guide.glide_to(0, -150) guide.say("Welcome back! Click Next to start learning about systems.", 0, "white", 19) stage.wait(wait_time*3) demo.continue_action() guide.say("") lesson_title.set_speed(10) lesson_title.glide_to(0, 1000) activity_title.set_speed(10) activity_title.glide_to(0, 1000) demo.remove_all_sprites_except([guide]+chars) def create_bike_parts(): wheel = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("wheel_8f2", -1000, 1000, 1) chain = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("bike_chain_8df", -1000, 1000, 1) frame = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("frame_a00", -1000, 1000, .5) seat = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("bike_seat_ffe", -1000, 1000, .5) handlebar = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("bike_handles_ee7", -1000, 1000, 1) bike_sprites = [wheel, chain, frame, seat, handlebar] for part in bike_sprites: part.hide() return bike_sprites bike_sprites = create_bike_parts() bike = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("bike_027", -stage_width/2-170, -200, 1) guide.say("We have defined cybersecurity as the art\nof building secure computer systems...", 0, "white", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*2) text = u"★" + " Cybersecurity is all about building secure computer systems that we can trust! " cyber_def = demo.animate_typing_text(text, -stage_width/3-100, 225, align="left", font_size=25, color = "white", cursor_wait = False) stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide.say("It's time to dig deeper into that definition!", 0, "white", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide.say("What *is* a system?", 0, "white", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*2) text = u"★" + " A system is a group of parts that work together as a whole " system_def = demo.animate_typing_text(text, -stage_width/3-100, 175, align="left", font_size=25, color = "white", cursor_wait = True) guide.say("") stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide.say("") guide_text_2 = codesters.Text("What is a system?\n\nWhat does it mean to be secure?\n\nLet's begin with examples from your own life!", 0, 75) guide_text_2.set_text_size(20) guide_text_2.set_text_background("silver", "white", 0.85) stage.wait(wait_time*4) demo.continue_action() stage.event_interval(None) for char in chars: char.set_y_speed(0) char.hide() keep_stage_elements = [cyber_def, system_def, guide, guide_text_2, bike] + bike_sprites demo.remove_all_sprites_except(keep_stage_elements + chars) stage.set_background_color("#ececec") guide.set_say_color("black") cyber_def.set_color("black") system_def.set_color("black") guide_text_2.set_text("Let's start by looking at a bike!") stage.wait(wait_time*1.5) bike.glide_to(-300, -200) bike_parts = ["wheel", "handle", "handlebar", "gear", "chain", "brake", "bell", "seat", "reflector", "frame", "tire", "pedal", "spoke", "fender", "spring", "saddle"] def time_for_test_list(question, correct_values, wrong_values, guidance, hint): guide.say("Let's think about systems!") stage.wait(wait_time*1.5) student_input = guide.ask(question).lower().replace(" ", "") if student_input == "": guide.say("Oops! Make sure to enter an answer!") stage.wait(wait_time*2) student_input = guide.ask(question).lower().replace(" ", "") elif student_input[-1] == "s": student_input = student_input[:-1] try_count = 0 while student_input not in correct_values: guide.say("Hm... Try again!") stage.wait(wait_time*1) guide.say(guidance) stage.wait(wait_time*1) try_count += 1 if try_count >= 3: guide.say(hint) stage.wait(wait_time*3) student_input = guide.ask(question).lower().replace(" ", "") if student_input[-1] == "s": student_input = student_input[:-1] def time_for_test(question, correct_answer, wrong_answer, feedback): guide.say("Let's think about systems!") stage.wait(wait_time*1.5) student_input = guide.ask(question).lower().replace(" ", "") while student_input != correct_answer: guide.say("Hm... Try again!") stage.wait(wait_time*1) guide.say(feedback) stage.wait(wait_time*1) if student_input == wrong_answer: guide.say("Hm... Try again!") stage.wait(wait_time*1) else: guide.say(feedback) stage.wait(wait_time*1.5) student_input = guide.ask(question).lower().replace(" ", "") guide.set_say_position(0, -50, "relative") stage.wait(wait_time*1) time_for_test_list("Name a part of a bike!", bike_parts, None, "Enter a bike part!", "Hint: this bike has two ______ to roll on!") guide_text_2.hide() guide.say("Great!", 0, "black", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*2) guide.say("A bike is made out of multiple parts.", 0, "black", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*1) demo.continue_action() cyber_def.move_up(100) cyber_def.hide() system_def.move_up(75) guide.say("A bike is made out of multiple parts.", 0, "black", 20) bike_coords = [(-440, 130+5), (-190, 130+5), (50, 130+5), (250, 130+5), (450, 130+5)] index = 0 for bike_part in bike_sprites: bike_part.go_to(bike_coords[index][0], bike_coords[index][1]) index += 1 stage.wait(.1) stage.wait(wait_time*1) demo.continue_action() guide.say("These parts work together to let the rider move forward!", 0, "black", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide.say("A bike is an example of a system!", 0, "black", 20) stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() bike.move_forward(stage_width) guide.say("") guide.move_forward(100) for counter in range(len(bike_sprites)): part = random.choice(bike_sprites) part.set_speed(10) part.glide_to(random.randint(-250, -200), random.randint(-200, -100)) bike_sprites.remove(part) stage.wait(wait_time*1) time_for_test("Is this a system?", "no", "yes", "Enter yes or no!") guide.set_say_position(0, -25, "relative") guide.say("That's right!\n") stage.wait(wait_time*2) guide.say("That's right!\nIn a system, the parts affect each other and work together as a whole.") stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide.say("That's right!\nIn a system, the parts affect each other and work together as a whole.\nThese parts are not working together!") stage.wait(wait_time*3) demo.continue_action() guide.say("These parts need to be properly\nassembled in order to work as a system.") stage.wait(wait_time*3) demo.continue_action() keep_stage_elements = [cyber_def, guide, guide_text_2, system_def] demo.remove_all_sprites_except(keep_stage_elements+chars) guide.say("Let's look at another system!") stage.wait(wait_time*2) guide.move_left(350) desktop = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("desktop_pixel_12b", 100, -180, 1) stage.wait(wait_time*2) computer_parts = ["screen", "monitor", "keyboard", "mouse", "hard drive", "memory", "ram", "motherboard", "processor", "fan", "heat sink", "track_pad", "wire", "power supply"] time_for_test_list("Name a part of a computer!", computer_parts, None, "Enter a computer part!", "Hint: this computer has a ______ to type with!") guide.say("Great!") stage.wait(wait_time*2) guide.say("A computer is made out of multiple parts.\n\n") stage.wait(wait_time*1) demo.continue_action() keyboard = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("keyboard_4e2", -440, 140, 1) mouse = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("mouse_b9d", -365, 100, .3) monitor = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("monitor_154", -245, 140, 1.1) hard_drive = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("hard_drive_2a9", -100, 130, .8) motherboard = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("motherboard_04a", 20, 160, .7) processor = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("processor_ea5", 50, 100, .7) ram = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("RAM_5f0", 155, 130, 1) power_supply = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("power_supply_4e3", 350, 130, .6) fan = demo.create_sprite_off_screen("fan_36e", 455, 130, 1) computer_parts = [mouse, keyboard, monitor, hard_drive, motherboard, processor, ram, power_supply, fan] demo.continue_action() # guide.set_say_position(0, -50, "relative") guide.say("A computer is made out of multiple parts.\n\nThese parts work together to let the user create files, listen to music, watch movies, and more!") stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() stage.remove_sprite(desktop) for counter in range(len(computer_parts)): part = random.choice(computer_parts) part.set_speed(10) part.glide_to(random.randint(200, 300), random.randint(-200, -100)) computer_parts.remove(part) stage.wait(wait_time*1) time_for_test("Is this a system?", "no", "yes", "Enter yes or no!") guide.say("That's right!\nEven though all the parts are here, they don't affect each other and are not working together.") stage.wait(wait_time*3) demo.continue_action() demo.remove_all_sprites_except(keep_stage_elements+chars) stage.set_background_color("black") system_def.set_color("white") guide.say("") guide.glide_to(0, guide.get_y()) for char in chars: char.set_y_speed(random.randint(-3, -1)) stage.event_interval(interval, 0.05) guide_text_2.set_text("When we look at a system,\nit's important to understand the parts of the system,\n\n") stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide_text_2.set_text("When we look at a system,\nit's important to understand the parts of the system,\nand how each part affects the others!\n") stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide_text_2.set_text("For cybersecurity, we need to know about computers, networks, users, hackers, laws, and more!\n\n") stage.wait(wait_time*2) demo.continue_action() guide_text_2.set_text("For cybersecurity, we need to know about computers, networks, users, hackers, laws, and more!\nClick Submit and Continue to continue learning more about systems and cybersecurity!") guide.move_forward(stage_width/2+75) sprite_list = demo.remind_student_to_submit(guide_text_2.get_x() - 175, guide_text_2.get_y() - 60, 25) for sprite in sprite_list: if sprite.get_name() == 'line' or sprite.get_name() == 'arrowLine': sprite.set_color("white") elif sprite.get_text() != None: sprite.set_color("white") tester = TestManager() tester.display_success_message("Great job!") stage.wait(wait_time*10) stage.event_interval(None) for char in chars: char.set_y_speed(0)
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