Online Workshops

Codesters offers a series of remote PD workshops to train teachers to effectively teach Python in and out of the classroom.
Level 1

Teaching Python with Codesters

In this 90-minute hands-on workshop you will be introduced to the Codesters platform and pedagogy as you build your first Python program. You will learn core coding concepts and how to monitor student progress using Codesters LMS, and leave with a plan for getting started with students.

Level 2

Dive into Python and Glide into Teaching Coding

This 90-minute hands-on workshop is a deeper dive into Python basics that includes variables, dot notation, syntax, and debugging strategies. You will also learn about tools for teaching coding - with an emphasis on distance learning. Prerequisite: Level 1 PD or prior experience teaching with Codesters.

Level 3

Best Practices for Teaching Python

In this 90-minute hands-on workshop you will advance your coding skills with an exploration of Python conditionals (if statements). You will learn about tools and best practices from role model Codesters teachers and leave with ideas to transform your classroom. Prerequisite: Level 2 PD or prior experience teaching with Codesters.

Deep Dive

Introduction to Loops

Join this 90-minute PD for a deep dive into loops. Learn the ins and outs of for-loops, when to use them, and where you can expect to find them in our curriculum. Leave this PD feeling confident in your own understanding of for-loops and ready to support your students as they learn and experiment with loops.

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