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Learn how to use the Codesters platform to create your own projects, animations and games. Complete these project-based lessons to start learning to code right away!

Intro to Python - Part 1


This 20-lesson Introduction to Programming in Python uses fun and engaging single-lesson projects to teach students foundational concepts in coding.

Intro to Python - Part 2


This 16-lesson module is a continuation of Intro to Python - Part 1. Students advance their learning to include functions, events, and basic elements of game design!

In this project-based series of lessons students learn how to use Codesters to create games in Python. Students learn game mechanics such as: - Taking Turns, Moving Objects, Collisions, Random Numbers, Avoiding Hazards, Seeking Goals, Getting Points, and Setting Winning or Losing Criteria. Each lesson involves a series of steps to build the basi...