PREVIEW: Before we get started making our very first program, let's look at an example.

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  • This program has a background image and a sprite or character that moves and is clickable.
  • Watch the fish move, then click on the fish once it stops moving to see what it does.
  • Click Submit and Next to continue.

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stage.set_background("underwater") sprite = codesters.Sprite("applecore") sprite.glide_to(-200, -200) sprite = codesters.Sprite("sodacan") sprite.glide_to(200, -200) sprite = codesters.Sprite("fish") sprite.set_speed(2) sprite.move_down(150) stage.wait(1) sprite.say("Click on me!") def click(): sprite.say("Don't litter!") sprite.move_up(100) sprite.turn_right(360) sprite.move_down(100) sprite.say("Save the oceans by saving me!") sprite.set_x_speed(5) sprite.event_click(click)
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