cheata = codesters.Text("Submit", 130, -187,"white") cheata.hide() mushy = codesters.Sprite("mushroom_house_25e") mushy.set_size(0.5) mushy.go_to(170, 100) mushy.hide() stage.set_background("scrollingflowers") # sprite = codesters.Text("text", x, y, "color") title1 = codesters.Text("Welcome to Fibonacci's Adventure's", 20, 100, "blue") # sprite = codesters.Text("text", x, y) title2 = codesters.Text("in Mathematics!", 20, 75, "blue") fibby = codesters.Sprite("fibonacci_snail_bab", 145, -90) fibby.set_size(.16) fibby.flip_right_left() counter = 0 butter = codesters.Sprite("butterfly", -115, 170) butter.set_size(0.5) butter.move_up(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_down(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_up(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_down(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_up(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_down(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_up(5) butter.wait(.2) butter.move_down(5) butter.move_up(5) butter.wait(.2) fibby.move_right(600) stage.remove_sprite(butter) stage.remove_sprite(title1) stage.remove_sprite(title2) stage.set_background("flowers") fibby = codesters.Sprite("fibonacci_snail_bab", -300, -90) fibby.set_size(.16) fibby.flip_right_left() fibby.move_right(600) stage.set_background("scrollingflowers") fibby = codesters.Sprite("fibonacci_snail_bab", -300, -90) fibby.set_size(.16) fibby.flip_right_left() fibby.move_right(300) shortdescription = codesters.Text("Hello Fifth Graders! You are about the play our pilot level of Fibonacci's Adventures in Mathematics! Please take this seriously. Enjoy!", 0, 145) stage.wait(2) ba = codesters.Text("Ooh, six rocks!!!", 105, -65, "white") ba.hide() blurt = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") blurt.hide() t = codesters.Sprite("rectangle") t.set_size(0.01) t.go_to(-90, -200) firstnext = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") majorie_b = codesters.Text("Since my cousin, Majorie B., has an old empty RV, they [They is used here as a singular gender neutral pronoun. Since snails are hermaphrodites, they don't have a gender, so that's why I used this term here.] told me that they could send me my luggage and such from", 0, 0, "white") majorie2 = codesters.Text("the old beach and into my mushroom \n house. They said it will take two hours \n for them to drive there, so in the \n meantime, let's go exploring!", 50, -105, "white") majorie2.hide() majorie_b.hide() def click(firstnext): next999.hide() shortdescription.hide() firstnext.hide() fibby.flip_right_left() fibby.move_right(300) stage.set_background("jungle") fibby.setposition(-250, -130) fibby.move_right(100) klance = codesters.Text("Yay! Learning time: Intro to Algebra \n Please find our video \n in our website.", 75, -70, "white") fibby.go_to(-190, -130) thestory = codesters.Text("While it might seem like I'm happy, I'm actually devestated. (the creators are just too cheap to try to find me a free sad face).") thestory.hide() next1 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next1.hide() wolfstar = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") stage.wait(1) there = codesters.Text("I'm so happy that I finally moved out \n of my beach. A couple of years \n ago most of my relatives moved to this forest \n and nothing had been the same ever since.", 0, -25, "white") there.hide() def click(wolfstar): wolfstar.hide() klance.hide() stage.wait(1) wolfstar.event_click(click) def click(next1): next1.hide() there.hide() stage.wait(1) next1.event_click(click) firstnext.event_click(click) next999 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next999.hide() b = codesters.Text("Hello Fibby, I've \n been watching you.", 90, -50, "white") b.hide() bab = codesters.Sprite("fibonacci_snail_bab") bab.set_size(0.16) bab.go_to(-200, -110) bab.hide() dundun = codesters.Sprite("butterfly", -300, 225) dundun.set_size(.75) cupcakes = codesters.Text("I have 11 cupcakes. I \n make two times as many \n and add them to the \n cupcakes. I am given some \n more cupcakes. Now I \n have 40 cupcakes. How \n many cupcakes was I \n given?", -130, 200) cupcakes.hide() hmm = codesters.Text("hi", -120, -31, "white") hmm.set_size(.96) hmm.set_text("") def click(blurt): blurt.hide() majorie_b.hide() majorie2.hide() fibby.hide() rock = codesters.Sprite("rock") rock.set_size(0.30) rock.go_to(80,-120) rock1 = codesters.Sprite("rock") rock1.set_size(0.30) rock1.go_to(50,-120) rock2 = codesters.Sprite("rock") rock2.set_size(0.30) rock2.go_to(20,-120) rock3 = codesters.Sprite("rock") rock3.set_size(0.30) rock3.go_to(-10,-120) rock4 = codesters.Sprite("rock") rock4.set_size(0.30) rock4.go_to(-40,-120) rock5 = codesters.Sprite("rock") rock5.set_size(0.30) rock5.go_to(-70,-120) stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1) sprite = codesters.Sprite("butterfly") sprite.set_speed(25) sprite.glide_to(-25, -280) rock2.hide() rock3.hide() stage.wait(1) ba.set_text("Ohh no. My rocks were stolen!") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") fit = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 2.", 100, -65, "white") fit.hide() choice = t.ask("6-x=4 How many rocks were stolen?") for counter in range(6): if choice != "2": ba.set_text("Wrong") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1) choice= t.ask("Try again. How many rocks were stolen? 6-x=4") if choice == "2": ba.set_text("Good job") break stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1.5) fit.hide() stage.wait(1) bab.say("") bab.glide_to(200, 25) bab.go_to(-200, -110) stage.set_background("jungle") rock.hide() rock1.hide() rock2.hide() rock3.hide() rock4.hide() rock5.hide() stage.wait(1) bab.glide_to(-150, -110) ba.set_text("I'm tired, let's take a break") stage.wait(2) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1) ba.set_text("While I wait, let's do some \n math problems") stage.wait(1.7) ba.set_text("") dundun.glide_to(-225, 225) dundun.set_speed(1.75) eep = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 12.", 105, -65, "white") eep.hide() choice = t.ask("Solve for x. x/3=4") for counter in range(6): if choice != "12": ba.set_text("Wrong") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") choice = t.ask("Try again. x/3=4") if choice == "12": ba.set_text("Yay that's Correct!") break stage.wait(1) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1.5) eep.hide() dundun.glide_to(-125, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) ba.set_text("Let's try another one") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") darn = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 15.", 105, -65, "white") darn.hide() choice = t.ask(" Solve for x. x-5+2=12") for counter in range(6): if choice == "15": ba.set_text("Yay, I'm ready to go now") break if choice != "15": ba.set_text("Not quite") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") choice= t.ask("Try again. x-5+2=12") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1.6) darn.hide() dundun.glide_to(-75, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) stage.wait(1) bab.glide_to(380, 30) bab.go_to(-200,-110) bab.go_to(-200,-110) rock = codesters.Sprite("sticky_c71") rock.set_size(0.040) rock.go_to(89,-120) rock1 = codesters.Sprite("sticky_c71") rock1.set_size(0.040) rock1.go_to(51,-124) rock2 = codesters.Sprite("sticky_c71") rock2.set_size(0.040) rock2.go_to(21,-118) dundun.glide_to(-25, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) ba.set_text("Ohh sticks") stage.wait(1.5) bab.say("") sprite.set_speed(2) stick1 = rock.clone() stick1.set_size(0.040) stick1.go_to(89, -151) stick2 = rock1.clone() stick2.set_size(0.040) stick2.go_to(50, -152) stick3 = rock2.clone() stick3.set_size(0.040) stick3.go_to(21, -149) ba.set_text("Yay! Now I have twice \n as many sticks") stage.wait(1.7) ba.set_text("") dundun.glide_to(25, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) s1 = codesters.Sprite("sticky_c71") s1.set_size(0.040) s1.set_speed(3) s1.go_to(-160, 250) s2 = codesters.Sprite("sticky_c71") s2.set_size(0.040) s2.set_speed(3) s2.go_to(-140, 250) s1.glide_to(-110, -110) s2.glide_to(-80, -109) dundun.glide_to(75, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) ba.set_text("Yay! Even more sticks!") stage.wait(1.7) ba.set_text("") ans5 = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 3.", 105, -65, "white") ans5.hide() choice = t.ask("2x+2=8 How many sticks were there \n to begin with???") for counter in range(6): if choice !="3": ba.set_text("Wrong") stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") choice= t. ask("Try again. How many sticks \n did I start with? 2x+2=8") if choice == "3": ba.set_text("Yay that's Correct!") break stage.wait(1.5) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1.5) ans5.hide() dundun.glide_to(125, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) bab.glide_to(400, 50) rock.hide() rock1.hide() rock2.hide() rock3.hide() dundun.glide_to(175, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) stick1.hide() stick2.hide() stick3.hide() dundun.glide_to(250, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) s1.hide() s2.hide() dundun.glide_to(300, 225) dundun.set_speed(2) bab.wait(.7) bab.go_to(-200,-110) dundun.go_to(70, 60) stage.wait(3) b.set_text("This was my house, until \n that shark of a realator \n took it.") stage.wait(3.7) b.set_text("I'll give it to you, but you \n have to answer my question. No \n one has ever answered it") stage.wait(3.7) b.set_text("") stage.wait(1) mc = codesters.Text("First, we should create \n an equation. I have some \n ideas, choose the right one.", 90, -50, "white") answer1 =codesters.Text("c=40+11*3", -20, -125, "white") answer2 = codesters.Text("11*3+c=40 ", -20, -155, "white") answer3 = codesters.Text("11*3=40+c", -20, -185, "white") def click(answer2): answer1.hide() answer2.hide() answer3.hide() mc.hide() hmm.set_text("I think so") blurt.hide() answer2.event_click(click) def click(answer1): hmm.set_text("I don't think \n that's right") stage.wait(1.7) hmm.set_text("") answer1.event_click(click) def click(answer3): hmm.set_text("I don't think \n that's right") stage.wait(1.7) hmm.set_text("") answer3.event_click(click) def click(answer3): hmm.set_text("I don't think \n that's right") stage.wait(1.7) hmm.set_text("") answer3.event_click(click) blurt.event_click(click) butwait = codesters.Text("Ah yes. I still need to unpack. ", 0, -25, "white") butwait.hide() next999 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next999.hide() next777 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -210, "white") next777.hide() def click(cheata): pps = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 7.", 100, -65, "white") pps.hide() hmm.set_text("") ba.set_text("") cheata.hide() choice = t.ask("Good job, now let's solve the equation. 40=c+11*3") for counter in range(6): if choice !="7": ba.set_text("Wrong") stage.wait(1) ba.set_text("") choice = t. ask("Try again. How many cupcakes did I get? 40=c+11*3") if choice == "7": ba.set_text("Yay that's Correct!") break stage.wait(1) ba.set_text("") stage.wait(1) pps.hide() b.set_text("Well, I guess you solved it. I'll \n leave to your unpacking.") stage.wait(2) cupcakes.hide() dundun.glide_to(-400, 300) b.set_text("") stage.wait(2) butwait.set_text("Yay!") stage.wait(1) butwait.set_text("Oh no! My stuff isn't here! \n But there's a note...") stage.wait(2) cheata.event_click(click) note = codesters.Text("\"Dear Fibbonacci, \n I have just recieved word from my Ren [Ren is the gender neutral term for mom/dad.] that my favorite Zizi [Zizi is the gender neutral term for an aunt/uncle.] is in urgent medical care due to a fracture in their shell. I have left you my rv to ride back to your old beach, but then your nibling [Gender neutral term for neice/nephew], Marie needs it for their camping trip with their friend Max. I apologize for all of this, but you will have to find a moving truck to move your luggage.\"", 17, -40, "white") note.set_size(.77) note.hide() def click(next999): next999.hide() butwait.set_text("") stage.wait(5) next999.event_click(click) def click(next777): note.hide() mushy.hide() next777.hide() next2 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next2.hide() butwait.hide() stage.wait(1) bab.hide() fibby.move_right(300) stage.set_background("summer") backagain = codesters.Text("Well I made it back here. Marie already came by and picked up the truck, so I should start finding a moving truck.") stage.wait(1) fibby.setposition(-250, -130) fibby.move_right(100) fibby.go_to(-190, -130) next1 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next1.hide() next3 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next3.hide() next4 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next4.hide() next5 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next5.hide() next6 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next6.hide() next7 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next7.hide() next8 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next8.hide() next9 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next9.hide() next10 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next10.hide() next11 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next11.hide() next12 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next12.hide() next12 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next12.hide() nextq = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") nextq.hide() next57 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next57.hide() next0 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next0.hide() incorrect4 = codesters.Text(" Did you remember to make \n your answer written as their \n vairables? \"Sham- Bam Movers\"= s ", 90, 195) incorrect4.hide() incorrect5 = codesters.Text(" a Mooove On\" =m, and \"You \n Got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! \n Movers\"=b. To find the \n solution, substitute 4 as x \n (which is the amount of \n hours rented) into each \n equation and solve for \n the variable. Whichever \n one is the lowest value \n is the cheapest one, \n since the variable that \n you'll be solving for is \n the total amount that that \n certain company will cost you \n for x amount of hours.", 115, 135) incorrect5.hide() question3 = codesters.Text("\"You got Mail. We Gotta \n Bounce! Movers\" cost 50 \n dollars plus the amount of \n hours the truck was driven. \n Since we have a 5 dollars \n off coupon, we get to \n subtract 5 dollars off \n of the total cost. We can \n write this as 50+x-5=b,\n where x= the total number\n of hours driven and b= \n the total cost for the \n \"You got Mail. We Gotta \n Bounce! Movers\".", 120, 30) question3.hide() thestory17 = codesters.Text("The \"Shlam-Bam Movers\"\n cost 15 dollars for \n every hour it's rented. We \n can write this as 15x=s, \n where x is the number of \n hours driven, and s \n is the total cost of \n the Shlam-Bam Movers", 117, 0) thestory17.hide() incorrect1 = codesters.Text("Oops. That's incorrect. Keep \n in mind that there \n are 5 additional dollars \n on top of the 10 \n dollars per hour it's \n rented, and it's rented for \n 4 hours. We can plug \n this into the equation, \n 10x+5=m, substituting x for \n 4, because x=the total \n number of hours driven, to \n find m, the total cost. \n We can write this as \n 10(4)+5=m.", 120, 30) incorrect1.hide() incorrect = codesters.Text("Oops! That's incorrect. \n Remember: it costs \n 15 dollars per hour \n and we have to \n drive it for 4 hours total. \n If we substitute 4 for x, \n because x= the number of \n hours driven, and in this \n case the number of hours \n driven is 4, then \n we can get the equation \n 15x=s into 15(4)=s.", 120, 0) incorrect.hide() kim = codesters.Text("Keep that cost in mind too! The final \n Mover Truck Company is \"You Got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! Movers.\" They charge 50 dollars total plus \n the amount of hours driven (4), but we have \n a five dollars off coupon. If we wanted to \n write this as an equation, we could write 50+x-5=b, \n b being the total cost of the \"You Got Mail. \n We Gotta Bounce! Movers\", and x being the total number of hours driven, or 4. ") kim.hide() variables = codesters.Text("\"Shlam-Bam Movers\"= s", 0, 215) variables.set_size(1.2) variables.hide() variables2 = codesters.Text("\"Let's Get a Mooove On\"= m", 0, 185) variables2.set_size(1.2) variables2.hide() variables3 = codesters.Text("\"You got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! \"", 0, 155) variables3.set_size(1.2) variables3.hide() variables4 = codesters.Text("Movers= b", 0, 135) variables4.set_size(1.2) variables4.hide() sidenote = codesters.Text("Make sure your answer has \n no spaces or capitals, and that its \n written as a number (ie. 5).", 100, 100, "red") sidenote.hide() yay2 = codesters.Text("Yay! That's Correct! \n Too bad we couldn't use that coupon... I love me some dollars off.") yay2.hide() nextstep = codesters.Text("Thank you! I hope you wrote down the costs for all of those companies. We're going to need them for this next step.") nextstep.hide() moving = codesters.Text("To move from this beach to this awesome mushroom house I found on Squeak!, the drive there and back is around four hours.") moving.hide() FAkey = codesters.Text("Answer with Shlam-Bam \n Movers being s, Let's \n Get a Moove On be b, \n and You Got Mail. We \n Gotta Bounce! Movers be \n m.", 110, -10) FAkey.hide() incorrect2 = codesters.Text("Oops. That's incorrect. To \n solve this equation, plug \n in 4 hours into x, \n because x= the total \n number of hours driven. \n Then, plug that into the \n equation 50+x-5=b, where b is \n the total cost for the \"You \n Got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! \n Movers\", and x is the total \n number of hours driven. \n Plugging it into the equation \n 50=x-5=b, we get 50+4-5=b.", 116, 30) incorrect2.hide() correctans = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 60. To solve this problem, one way you could do it is by substituting x for 4 because x = the number of hours driven. Then, you can plug it into the equation: 15(4)=s. Multiplying 15 by 4, we see the the total cost of the Shlam- Bam Movers, or s, = 60.") correctans.hide() correctans2 = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 45. We got this by multiplying the number of hours by the 10 dollars, the amount they cost each hour. To that we added the 5 additional dollars, giving us 45 dollars total for the \"Let's Get a Mooove On\", or m, for 4 hours.") correctans2.hide() correctans49 = codesters.Text("The correct answer was 49. To solve this equation, first plug in 4 for x into our equation, 50+x-5=b. We do this because 4 is the number of hours driven and x was the variable representing the number of hours driven. Substituting x with 4, we get 50+4-5=b. Adding 4 to 50 we get 54, and then subtracting 5 we get 49, meaning that 49=b." ) correctans49.hide() ans2 = codesters.Text("The correct answer was m. We got this by comparing the total costs for the \"Shlam-Blam Movers\", or s, the \"Let's Get a Mooove On\", or m, and the \"You Got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! Movers\", or b. Since the total cost of s=60, the total cost of m=45, and the total cost of b=49, when driving for 4 hours, then m is the cheapest.") ans2.hide() yay = codesters.Text("Yay! That's correct! Here's one explanation \n of how you could've gotten your answer:", 0, -20) yay.hide() thestory2 = codesters.Text(" ") def click(next2): next2.hide() backagain.hide() thestory2.set_text("So I've researched a bit, and there are three major companies that provide this service. As any other logical snail, I want to save as much money as possible. I would figure it out myself, but my IQ is more of a kindergartners (mostly I'm just too lazy to do the problem myself.)") stage.wait(1) next2.event_click(click) def click(next3): next3.hide() thestory2.set_text("The three major mover truck companies are the: \"Shlam-Bam Movers,\" the, \"Let's Get a Mooove On,\" and the \"You got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! Movers.\"") stage.wait(1) next3.event_click(click) def click(next4): next4.hide() thestory2.set_text("To make this easier on us, let's have the cost we would spend on \"Shlam-Bam Movers\" be s, \"Let's Get a Mooove On\" be m, and \"You got Mail. We Gotta Bounce! Movers\" be b.") stage.wait(1) next4.event_click(click) def click(next5): next5.hide() thestory2.hide() stage.wait(1) next5.event_click(click) def click(next6): next6.hide() guess = t.ask("If I drive 4 hours and each hour costs 15 dollars, how much money would it cost me?") for counter in range(6): if guess == "60": thestory17.hide() incorrect.hide() stage.wait(1.5) break if guess != "60": thestory17.hide() stage.wait(2) guess = t.ask("Try again. I believe in you! ^-^") variables.set_text("15(4)=s, s=60") yay.hide() thestory2.hide() incorrect.hide() stage.wait(1) next6.event_click(click) def click(next11): next11.hide() correctans.hide() thestory2.set_text("Good job! Keep that cost in mind- we're gonna need it later. I suggest writing it down somewhere. The second mover company, \"Let's Get a Mooove On,\" charges 5 dollars to rent a truck and then 10 dollars for every hour it's rented.") stage.wait(1) next11.event_click(click) def click(next7): correctans2.hide() next7.hide() thestory2.hide() lalala = codesters.Text(" If we wanted to write this \n as an equation, we could \n do 10x+5=m, where x= the \n total number of hours \n driven, and m= the total \n cost of the \" Let's Get \n a Mooove On\". We could \n also write 5+10x=m, \n m=5+10x, or m=10x+5.", 117, 0) nextguess = t.ask("If I drive 4 hours and each hour costs 10 dollars, and I am also charged an additional 5 dollars, how much money would it cost me? ") for counter in range(6): if nextguess == "45": lalala.hide() incorrect1.hide() thestory2.hide() break if nextguess != "45": lalala.hide() stage.wait(1) nextguess = t.ask("Try Again. I believe in you. ^-^") stage.wait(1.5) variables2.set_text("10(4)+5=m, m=45") yay.hide() incorrect1.hide() stage.wait(1) next7.event_click(click) def click(next8): next8.hide() correctans2.hide() thestory2.hide() stage.wait(1) next8.event_click(click) def click(next10): next10.hide() kim.hide() lastguess = t.ask("If we go 4 hours, and it costs 50 dollars plus the number of hours driven, and subtracting 5 dollars for our 5 dollars off coupon, (50+x-5=b) how much will it cost us?") for counter in range(6): if lastguess == "49": thestory2.hide() question3.hide() incorrect2.hide() break if lastguess != "49": question3.hide() stage.wait(1) lastguess = t.ask("Try again. I believe in you. ^-^") stage.wait(1) variables3.set_text("50+4-5=b, b=49") variables4.set_text("") yay.hide() incorrect2.hide() stage.wait(1) next10.event_click(click) def click(next12): next12.hide() correctans49.hide() yay.hide() stage.wait(1) next12.event_click(click) def click(next0): next0.hide() nextstep.hide() stage.wait(1) next0.event_click(click) def click(nextq): variables.hide() nextq.hide() variables2.hide() variables3.hide() variables4.hide() moving.hide() finalguess = t.ask("Between the three costs we just found out, which company is the least expensive when driving 4 hours? ") sidenote.hide() for counter in range(6): if finalguess == "m": FAkey.hide() incorrect4.hide() incorrect5.hide() kim.hide() break if finalguess != "m": kim.hide() moving.hide() FAkey.hide() stage.wait(1) finalguess = t.ask("Try again. I believe in you. ^-^") incorrect4.hide() incorrect5.hide() stage.wait(3) yay2.hide() stage.wait(1) nextq.event_click(click) def click(next9): ans2.hide() next9.hide() variables.hide() variables2.hide() variables3.hide() variables4.hide() sidenote.hide() incorrect4.hide() yay2.set_text("Thank you so much for helping me! Without you, I would have stayed here forever trying to figure out how to add or subtract. ") stage.wait(1) next9.event_click(click) def click(next57): next57.hide() yay2.hide() movertruck = codesters.Sprite("truck_a66", 15, -80) movertruck.flip_right_left() moovers = codesters.Text("Let's Get A Mooove On! \n Mooove Fast! \n Mooove Cheap!", 5, -80) stage.wait(1) fibby.glide_to(300, -140) moovers.hide() movertruck.hide() fibby.go_to(-190, -140) sprite = codesters.Text("It's time to start my journey", 20, 40) stage.wait(1) sprite.set_text("") fibby.glide_to(300,-140) next57.event_click(click) nextf = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") nextf.hide() nextz = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") nextz.hide() nextu = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") nextu.hide() next98 = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") next98.hide() nextbeep = codesters.Text("Next", 180, -205, "white") nextbeep.hide() aunt = codesters.Text("Thank goodness! The Movers are \n here! My aunt Susan volenteered \n to help me pack up for \n my move, so I'm ready \n to rock and roll!", 80, 170) aunt.hide() unpack = codesters.Text("Yay! I can finally go unpack!", 0, -110, "white") unpack.hide() movertruck = codesters.Sprite("truck_a66", 100, -80) movertruck.flip_right_left() movertruck.set_size(.5) movertruck.hide() moovers = codesters.Text("Let's Get A \n Mooove On! \n Mooove Fast! \n Mooove Cheap!", 150, -30) moovers.hide() def click(next57): next57.hide() yay2.hide() stage.wait(1) next57.event_click(click) def click(nextz): nextz.hide() stage.wait(1) nextz.event_click(click) def click(nextf): nextf.hide() movertruck.glide_to(92, -80) #moovers.glide_to(99,-30) movertruck.glide_to(87, -80) #moovers.glide_to(96,-30) movertruck.glide_to(83, -80) moovers.glide_to(99.5,-30) movertruck.glide_to(80, -80) fibby.glide_to(85,-80) stage.wait(1) nextf.event_click(click) def click(nextu): nextu.hide() movertruck.flip_left_right() moovers.glide_to(100, -30) fibby.glide_to(300, -80) movertruck.glide_to(120, -80) moovers.glide_to(110, -30) movertruck.glide_to(140, -80) moovers.glide_to(130,-30) movertruck.glide_to(160, -80) moovers.glide_to(150,-30) movertruck.glide_to(180, -80) moovers.glide_to(170,-30) movertruck.glide_to(200, -80) moovers.glide_to(190,-30) movertruck.glide_to(220, -80) moovers.glide_to(210,-30) movertruck.glide_to(240, -80) moovers.glide_to(230,-30) movertruck.glide_to(260, -80) moovers.glide_to(250,-30) movertruck.glide_to(280, -80) moovers.glide_to(270,-30) movertruck.glide_to(300, -80) moovers.glide_to(300,-30) movertruck.glide_to(500, -80) moovers.glide_to(500,-30) stage.wait(1) nextu.event_click(click) def click(nextbeep): nextbeep.hide() aunt.hide() stage.set_background("jungle") fibby.go_to(-190, -130) stage.wait(1) stage.wait(1) nextbeep.event_click(click) def click(next98): next98.hide() unpack.hide() fibby.glide_to(400, -130) stage.wait(1) bab.glide_to(300, 300) stage.remove_sprite(bab) stage.remove_sprite(mushy) stage.set_background_color("white") end = codesters.Sprite("congrats_c27") finish = codesters.Text("Yay, you finished!!! Now take the second survey to tell us what you thought.", 0, -150, "black") next98.event_click(click) next777.event_click(click)