stage.set_background("summer") sprite = codesters.Sprite("person1") sprite.move_down(100) choice = sprite.ask("What is you favorite season") if choice == "winter": # add your code here stage.set_background("winter") sprite.say("Burrr.. Too Cold For Me!") stage.wait(4) if choice == "summer": # add your code here sprite.say("Summer! I Love Summer!") stage.wait(2.5) sprite.say("I Love to play in the sand!") stage.wait(2.5) sprite.say("And i love going swimming!") stage.wait(2.5) stage.set_background("underwater") sprite.move_up(100) sprite.move_right(150) sprite.move_down(90) sprite.move_left(130) stage.wait(4) if choice == "fall": # add your code here stage.set_background("fall") sprite.say("I Like Fall But I perfer summer!") stage.wait(2) sprite.say("i like to play in the leaves!") stage.wait(2) sprite.say("BUT I LOVE SWIMMING SO MUCH!") stage.wait(4) if choice == "spring": # add your code here stage.set_background("spring") sprite.say("It's so warm and pretty outside i love all the flowers!") stage.wait(3) sprite.say("But i love to swim so much") stage.wait(2) sprite.say("I love summer and spring so much") stage.wait(4) sprite.say("") stage.remove_sprite(sprite) stage.set_background("space") sprit = codesters.Text("STORY NUMBER TWO") sprit.set_size(2) sprit.set_color("white") stage.wait(2) stage.remove_sprite(sprit) stage.set_background("schoolhallway") kid = codesters.Sprite("person11") kid.move_down(100) kid.say("Hi,Im Chloe.") stage.wait(3) kid.say("Im in 7th grade") stage.wait(3) choice = kid.ask("What grade are you in?") if choice == "7": # add your code here kid.say("ME TOO!") else: # add your code here kid.say("oh okay") stage.wait(2) lucy = codesters.Sprite("person12") lucy.go_to(150, -100) stage.wait(2) kid.say("SHHHHHHHH! That's Alex i dont want him to see me!! He is the school bully") stage.wait(5) kid.say("") lucy.move_left(80) lucy.say("Hey twerp") stage.wait(3) lucy.say("GET OUT OF MY WAY!") stage.wait(3) lucy.move_left(500) choice = kid.ask("Do you think that was mean?") if choice == "yes": # add your code here kid.say("I know right he is so mean!") if choice == "no": # add your code here kid.say("I think it was!") stage.wait(2) kid.say("I need to go to class now! Bye Bye") stage.wait(3) kid.move_right(500)