PREVIEW: In this lesson you'll create a game with movement controls and obstacles to avoid.

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# Setup the start zone, end zone, and stage start = codesters.Rectangle(0, -250, 500, 50, "red") finish = codesters.Rectangle(0, 250, 500, 50, "green") stage.disable_all_walls() # Set up the roads road_list = [-150, -50, 50, 150] for value in road_list: road = codesters.Rectangle(0, value, 500, 50, "gray") # Setup the player sprite sprite = codesters.Sprite("turtle1", 0, -240) sprite.set_size(.2) sprite.turn_left(90) # Interval event creates the cars def interval(): rand_y = random.choice(road_list) # Send cars to the right if rand_y == -150 or rand_y == 50: car = codesters.Sprite("car1", -400, rand_y) car.turn_right(90) car.set_size(.5) car.set_x_speed(2) # Send cars to the left if rand_y == -50 or rand_y == 150: car = codesters.Sprite("car2", 400, rand_y) car.turn_left(90) car.set_size(.5) car.set_x_speed(-2) stage.event_interval(interval, .5) # Movement controls for arrow keys def up_key(): sprite.move_up(20) stage.event_key("up", up_key) def down_key(): sprite.move_down(20) stage.event_key("down", down_key) def left_key(): sprite.move_left(20) stage.event_key("left", left_key) def right_key(): sprite.move_right(20) stage.event_key("right", right_key) # Display win/loss as text result = codesters.Text("") # Detect collision with cars (loss) or with end zone (win) def collision(sprite, hit_sprite): image = hit_sprite.get_image_name() color = hit_sprite.get_color() # Win if touching the end zone if color == "green": result.set_text("YOU WON!") result.set_color("green") # Loss if touching a car if image == "car1" or image == "car2": result.set_text("YOU LOST!") result.set_color("red") sprite.go_to(0, -250) sprite.event_collision(collision)
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