Activity: Example

Let's help Hedgey the Hedgehog rocket through space to collect as many stars and points as possible in one minute!

You will have a chance to make and customize this game in this module.

  • Click Run. Then press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to point the hedgehog toward the stars.
  • To launch Hedgey, press the Up Arrow key. Hedgey will launch 2 seconds after the Up Arrow Key is pressed.
  • When Hedgey returns from the trip, repeat the steps to continue collecting points before time runs out!

stage.set_background("moon") hedgey = codesters.Sprite("hedgehog") hedgey.go_to(0, -210) points = 0 score_board = codesters.Display(points, -209, -209) time = 0 timer_board = codesters.Display(time, 194,-197) def interval(): global time time +=1 timer_board.update(time) if time %2 == 0: x = random.randint(-230,230) y = random.randint(0,230) star = codesters.Star(x, y, 5, 20, "yellow") if time == 60: stage.remove_sprite(hedgey) text = codesters.Text("HEDGEY SCORED "+ str(points) + " POINTS!", -21, -176, "red") stage.event_interval(interval, 1) def left(): hedgey.turn_left(20) stage.event_left_key(left) def right(): hedgey.turn_right(20) stage.event_right_key(right) def up(): hedgey.set_say_color("white") hedgey.say("BLAST OFF !",2) hedgey.move_forward(575) stage.wait(0.1) hedgey.go_to(0, -210) stage.event_up_key(up) def collision(star, hit_sprite): global points points += 1 hit_sprite.hide() score_board.update(points) hedgey.event_collision(collision)