• From , drag Set y Speed inside the space_bar() event.
  • Replace the number in the .set_y_speed() command with down_count.
  • Change the name in front of the command to ball.

Now the ball's y speed is set to the number of times the down key was pressed (the value of down_count).

  • Test your code by clicking Run and using the left arrow key, down arrow key, and space bar to shoot the ball.

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stage.set_background("halfcourt") sprite = codesters.Sprite("player4") sprite.go_to(215, -175) net = codesters.Sprite("basketballnet") net.go_to(215, 175) ball = codesters.Sprite("basketball") x = random.randint(-100, 150) ball.go_to(x, -25) stage.set_gravity(10) stage.set_bounce(.8) ball.set_gravity_off() net.set_gravity_off() left_count = 0 down_count = 0 def left_key(): ball.move_left(10) global left_count left_count += 1 # add other actions... stage.event_key("left", left_key) def down_key(): ball.move_down(10) global down_count down_count += 1 # add other actions... stage.event_key("down", down_key) def space_bar(): ball.set_gravity_on() ball.set_x_speed(left_count) # add other actions... stage.event_key("space", space_bar)
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