Webinars for Teachers

Codesters offers regular webinars on a variety of topics to make teachers succeed in and out of the classroom.

Make Coding Relevant with Cybersecurity and Python

Careers in cybersecurity are growing quickly with more and more jobs opening up every day.

In our Codesters cybersecurity course students will begin to understand cybersecurity on a personal, business, and enterprise level. Through coding projects, they will learn about the vulnerabilities around computer systems, networks and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Join us to see how Python, the most in-demand and versatile programming language, can engage students through this dive into cybersecurity!

New Python Programming Certifications for Middle and High School Students

In this webinar, we will present the new Knowledge Pillars industry recognized Python certifications that are available using the Codesters curriculum.

Now for the first time, middle school students can earn a Python Coding Apprentice certification and high school students can take a globally recognized exam to earn a Python Coding Specialist certification.

Join us to see how Codesters and Knowledge Pillars can build your students’ confidence while learning 21st Century skills and reaching the goal of certification.

Codesters for Teaching Python

This webinar introduces the Codesters Learn-to-Code Python platform. Codesters has a drag-to-text toolkit, auto-graded curriculum with real world aligned project work and a LMS for monitoring student progress.

Join our webinar and see how easy it is to teach Python with Codesters, even if you have never taught coding before!